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The Shadow And The Substance


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Serpents, Scorpions, And Seventy Sons


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A Note From James Lloyd At GEO

Welcome, Friends of the Messiah!

God has been gracious to this ministry, and I want to encourage you to probe deeper into the things that YHWH has revealed through this ministry. In addition to following the prime directive of bearing witness to the truth of the Gospel, the GEO outreach and Radio Network has been positioned to counter the rising tide of hostility aimed at ethnic groups (Jews, Black, Hispanics, etc)  that is emerging in the Patriot movement in America.

As a veteran of Patriot media (I started my radio broadcast on the first national Patriot radio network, known as AmeriNet Broadcasting over 15 years ago), I have watched with consternation as the politically aware crowd is being seduced by Gnosticism, New Age thinking, Dailectical Materialism, and Scapegoating -- the latter with a rather rabid form of Anti-Semitic thought.

The True Spiritual Orientation

We are hardly naive Jewish Supremacists, for the New Testament tells us it is the Spiritually regenerated believers who are chosen in the eyes of God; so the truth about the end times which the LORD has revealed is hardly the Jewish primacy found in aberrant groups like the Rapture Cult, Pre-Wrath Advocates, and other Israel-First Millennialists.

However, simply because the New Testament reveals the true children of the King are those who do the will of the Father does not necessarily translate into a hostility towards the contemporary state of Israel. With this underlying stream of thought in mind, GEO is tilted towards the burgeoning Messianic movement, including its many errors, in an effort to address and engage the multitude in the middle.

Real-World Analysis On-Air and in print.

The Christian Media ministry, of which GEO is a part, also encompasses a Patriot periodical (entitled Shortwave Wars and its net relation StreamWars.Com) which probes the present American economic/political debacle, as well as a publication (entitled The Eclipse) which tracks world events in relationship to the state of Israel. Simultaneously, we monitor the plot to control world health care and the encroachment of the Beast on our bodies through the health and survival outreach called Sound Body.

Scriptural analyses of prophetic specifics is covered in The Apocalypse Chronicles, and the online ChristianMediaResearch.com covers prophecy doctrine in print, even as ChristianMediaNetwork.com covers prophecy on radio. The remaining two print periodicals, the Currents newsletter and the Christian Media tabloid newspaper, provide the overview of all of the above. We also have a daily email prophecy briefing alerting our friends and family to urgent matters, and this is an extract which is drawn from a full online daily newspaper (ChristianMediaDaily.com).

At the same time, Christian Media has now fielded the world's first Patriot/Prophecy television network in America at CMRI.tv. On Satellite television, and Internet Video Streaming on a 24/7 basis, there's nothing quite like CMRI.

All of this brings us back to GEO.

This radio network is carried 24/7 on the Internet and Satellite Radio on Galaxy 19. This is the free satellite where underground believers are clustering in order to stay connected to the non-mainstream media. It is also the place where all of the above streams of thought are aired around the clock. We urge you to get connected in one form or another with this explosive body of believers, and GEO is a great place to start. To listen and learn, simply click on the Listen Live link. To receive any or all of the printed materials, send in your name and postal mailing address (don't worry, we zealously guard our database). We'll introduce you to the world of GEO, and the wonderful truth of the Saviour who is reaching in to all who have ears to hear through the media that God has given us.



The Shadow And The Substance DVD

The Baal Bible


Lord, Lord

Lord, Lord


The 5th Dynasty

The 5th Dynasty


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The Saga Of Esau


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Dead Men's Bones DVD


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