Listening to Internet streaming audio used to be easy, because there we did not have the multitude of Internet Browsers, Players, Operating systems, and even the Internet extensions which we have now. For many years, Christian Media has enjoyed the relative simplicity of the Winamp player because it didn’t change much. Even the “free” downloads try to install junk on your computer which complicates things. If you’re having difficulty listening to our streams using the on board players (whether it’s for the Christian Media Network, the GEO media Network, or the V Channel), we recommend you take the time to download Winamp, and get used to using the player when you want to listen.

When you use a player to log onto a stream, it doesn’t matter which browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc) you’re using. It doesn’t matter if the website links don’t work (or even if the website is down). It doesn’t even matter if your computer is configured incorrectly, because you’re bypassing the website that links you to the stream, and directly logging onto the stream server itself.

The free Winamp player may be downloaded at one or our sites, and the link is below. By the way, like all the other “free” programs, Winamp will ask you to let the program become your browser, or add an extension to your browser. Just say no to everything but the player itself. Here is the link to install Winamp.

After you install Winamp, come back to this page, highlight the stream you want (the higher the number, the better the quality, so use the 32 Bit stream if you can), right click, and pick copy. Or you can write down the stream number. Then start the player. After Winamp starts, click on the top left where it says File. Then click on Play URL.

Then paste in the stream numbers you copied from this page, or just type in the numbers, and hit return. The stream should start playing. If it does not play, try adding one of the other stream numbers.

Not only is this relatively full proof, it’s a good way to learn more about how to use the computer. Enjoy!


CMN 32 Bit Stream

CMN 24 Bit Stream

CMN 16 Bit Stream

V Channel 32 Bit Stream